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To be eligible to apply for the Audi Certified Apprenticeship Program you need to have the following

  • Australian Citizenship (be an Australian resident for tax purposes)
  • Year 10 certificate (Year 12 appreciated)
  • Motivated individual with a positive attitude

Frequently asked questions

As a qualified mechanic, with a nationally recognised certificate, an apprentice can move to any Audi dealership if they choose. An additional year of training qualifies an Audi certified apprentice as an Audi specialist technician, opening up even more opportunities within the Audi network.

You can download resources and information about the Audi Certified Apprenticeship Program that you may wish to share with someone whom you think might be a good candidate to become an apprentice at Audi.

An Audi apprentice is employed and paid while undergoing training as a nationally recognised mechanic. There is an option for the apprentice to further their skills to become an Audi specialist technician through an additional year of training after the three-year mechanic trade certificate. Audi will even facilitate travel for certified apprentices to travel from their dealer location to Sydney for their training modules, including accommodation, allowing the Audi apprentice to focus on their training.

If you would like to find out what wages are allocated for first, second and third year apprentices, you will need to phone the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94. To assist in getting the correct information, Fair Work provides a checklist of information you need before you call.

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