Frequently asked questions

Locate your local dealer and submit an enquiry. A contact officer will liaise with you and your local dealer to let you know if, when and where you can start an Audi apprenticeship.

The Audi Certified Apprenticeship Program trains you to become a nationally recognised mechanic. This training program will take a new apprentice three years to complete. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be available to you if you have already undertaken training at another institution. After qualifying as an Audi Technician you can continue your personal development through the Technical Training Qualification Pathways.

If you would like to find out what your wage is or when you will progress to your next pay level, you will need to phone the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94. To assist in getting the correct information, Fair Work provides a checklist of information you need before you call.

Yes, you will. Supervised training is undertaken and delivered in the training centre. Under the requirements of the training contract, you will be paid the appropriate wage to attend any training (including assessment) as provided for in the training plan.

Audi Certified Apprenticeship training takes place at the Audi Centre of Excellence and training modules are delivered every 6 weeks, resulting in 8 weeks of training at the training centre across a calendar year. If required each Audi Certified Apprentice is given return travel and accommodation for the week of the scheduled training. These modules are delivered in a 6 week rotation, with five weeks of on-the-job paid apprenticeship and one week module training at the Audi Centre of Excellence in Sydney.

The Audi Certified Apprenticeship Program is a paid apprenticeship, where your nationally recognised qualification training is covered by Audi. Your attendance and attention are key requirements to success in an apprenticeship at Audi.

If for whatever reason you have completed your probationary period with Audi, but choose not to complete the year level or complete program of training with Audi, you may be eligible to transfer your apprenticeship to another educational institute, or be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL). This may require you to complete another probationary period with a new employer.

Your training record is yours to keep and may be used to show employers the training you have completed. It is important to Audi that all apprenticeship training records are up-to-date, to ensure individuals progress and achievement of competencies for apprentices are readily available for review.

If your new training contract is for the same apprenticeship or traineeship, you may be granted credit for previous service or experience.

If you move interstate your training contract can continue to be registered as an Audi certified apprenticeship providing you are employed by another Audi dealership.

If you choose to move interstate or discontinue your Audi certified apprenticeship, Audi will notify the relevant state training authority of the termination of that training contract.

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