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What's involved in the program

Opportunity. Nationally recognised.

The Audi Certified Apprenticeship Program has been designed to equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge to become fully qualified in your chosen career through an exciting and challenging opportunity to receive nationally-recognised, formal qualifications.

Audi offer a wide choice of attractive career opportunities for all levels of experience, aptitude and personality types - whether you are technically minded, a 'numbers' person or more people oriented. Few businesses can offer their employees such diversity, challenges, excellent training and career development prospects.

The apprenticeship process

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Make the first step in the process towards an innovative and rewarding career by providing some basic contact details.

After expressing your interest we will contact you to set up a time to discuss opportunities.

Experience a week of what it is like to be an apprentice for Audi. This will highlight the benefits and help prepare you for what you will need to know.

Test your skills and knowledge based on your week of experience at Audi.

Part of the enrolment process means taking a few tests, which will help us understand your level of reading, writing, comprehension, working with numbers and basic mechanics.

With a successful interview and testing process your local dealership may offer you a paid apprenticeship.

Submit all completed paperwork and details to enrol and begin your Audi Certified Apprenticeship.

Now employed, you will go through three paid years of the most technological and mechanical advanced automobile training, giving you a solid base from which to launch your career with Audi.

With three years of on the job training and training modules to support your experiences, you are now ready to pass your final year and become a fully qualified Audi Technician.

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